"Alex has been my friendly business accountant and personal tax adviser since I first set myself up in business. Over the years he has provided a thorough and timely response to all my finance and tax needs. I particularly value his "value added" approach to the service he provides, and the high standards of personal integrity which are his norm."

Diane Davy
Chandler Associates
hired Alex as a Accountant in 1999, and hired Alex more than once

"I have known Alex for over 5 years and in an accountancy profession of technical specialists, it is rare to find an individual whose assistance not only comes from the heart, but who bases their success on the success of their clients.

I have received personally feedback first hand from those whom Alex has assisted to take their businesses forward from their current plateaus, through to where they want to be; from increased profitability through to successful retirement.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Alex's expertise to add value to a wide range of organizations who desire to grow their businesses and increase profitability."

Martin Bissett
Healden Grove Limited
was a consultant or contractor to Alex at Alex Parker & Co

"I have worked with Alex now for at least 5 years and found the service and support he provides particularly helpful and of benefit to me personally and the business I run. Working with someone who has a clear understanding of the problems associated will running your own small business is invaluable. Sometimes it’s not just about the theory of what you should be doing but about the practicalities of how to prioritise and focus when resources are stretched, everything appears to be critical and there are only 24 hours in a day. I found for a long time that it was all too easy for me to lose focus and so often I would get sucked in to the day to day routines of what was going on in the business.

The sessions with Alex have over time helped me identify the key underlining factors within the business that I should focus on, its helped me adjust my daily routines and my areas of responsibility accordingly and focus on what is important and what will help me achieve my goals and objectives.

The combination of monthly updates and quarterly meetings that we have in place work particularly well. The one to one sessions with Alex are always very productive. The business plan, which has evolved over time, allows me to monitor key business indicators and easily assess my performance in line with my targets and objectives."

Neil Johnson
Managing Director
Insight Media Internet Ltd

"You want Alex on your team. As well as being an accountant who really cares about his clients, he is also a man who realises that life is not a rehearsal. As a result he follows his dreams and puts his family first. And that is what I call inspiring."

Steve Pipe
Founder and Head of Research
was a consultant or contractor to Alex at Alex Parker & Co

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